Cashmere Care Guide - with Lisa Todd

Lisa Todd’s collections are a breath of fresh air; anti-basic essentials that are practical, cozy and cute. Recognized for her attention to detail, high quality and adding a dose of the unexpected to all her pieces. Lisa has fun with essentials, matching luxurious fabric blends and cotton cashmere with fun patterns, prints and motifs. 

Below is Lisa’s guide to how she makes sure her cashmere pieces are cared for and last. 

  1. Hand wash is always best. Rise thoroughly and press out any excess water. Lay and shape garment flat on dry towel or gently roll up to absorb excess water. One a fresh towel, lay the garment flat to dry in its natural shape. It will look like new!
  2. You can use the machine - on a gentle cycle with delicate wash. Lisa recommends using The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo or Woolite. Turn the sweater inside out and wash in COLD water, either alone, or with like colours. 
  3. Get rid of any pills that occur naturally by gently brushing the garment in one direction using a sweater stone for heavier gauges or a sweater comb for finer Weaves
  4. To store your cashmere, it is best to fold [rather than hang] to keep its shape.

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